Egg-tra Easter Shows

Happy Easter from HRI – if you or a loved one is in hospital this Easter, you can be sure that Hospital Radio Ipswich will be there to provide entertainment.

Our programmes continue as normal…. however there are a few “EGG-tra” goodies:

Easter Sunday
4-6pm Rachel Bowen with an Easter Extra of the Pick Me Up Poetry Club.
6pm The Eighties Hour
7pm The Dusty Record Show
8pm Easter Requests with Mike Bugg and Kevin Ashford

Easter Monday
2pm to the Hospital Live Coverage of the ITFC v Leicester game (on channel 1 only)

(online regular programmes)

6pm Gemma G Easter Request Show
7.30pm Feeling Groovy Special – the start of Radio Caroline
8.30pm Ward on the Wards

As always if there’s a piece of music you’d like to hear then give us a call or fill in the request form on this website.

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