People’s Memories

Below is an account of memories gained because of Hospital Radio Ipswich…

I was a presenter back in 1978/79. Paul Brown taught me how to work everything, and I opened the evening at 6pm with my own show! I remember Paul, and Jonathan, then my age gets the better of me and it kind of goes blank! It was a great time of my life; interviewing stars at the Spa in Felixstowe (Well they were then!) Sitting on top of a double decker bus in a park in Ipswich, commentating on a car show, and interviewing people at the Suffolk show! I guess that all seems pretty tame right now, but then it was pretty exciting. I live in the USA now, in Georgia, but I do get called periodically from Radio Suffolk who find it quite interesting to hear my opinion about certain things and then broardcast it! It makes my Mum proud! Good Luck to you in the future, and I can tell you, that when you visit the patients, and just spend a few minutes of your time with them, it just brightens their day!
Take care.
Penny Morse (ne Taylor)


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