Hospital Radio Ipswich is a registered charity run by a small number of dedicated volunteers.

The station gets no funding or financial help from any official body and all of its considerable running costs have to be raised by the members themselves.

This we do by supplying discos for local organisations and individuals, holding bucket collections at local supermarkets and by receiving the very occasional donation.

Like any other organisation our costs continue to increase, but unlike commercial radio stations, we have to buy all our own music. Similarly to all radio brands we have to pay for radio licences, performing rights to music publishers, phonographic performance fees to record companies and a fee to IRN to enable us to transmit hourly news bulletins. All of this contributes to the patients being able to listen to a music orientated radio service.

Our equipment, which enables us to broadcast to the patients, and our music collection, has to be insured and in turn we have to provide a Public and Employers Liability insurance for the members. Other costs similar to any office building include broadband, our website, telephones, stationery and photocopying.

As you can see a lot of money has to be spent to provide a service to the patients of the Ipswich Hospital and YOU CAN HELP US in a number of ways by:-

  1. A direct donation either in cash or by a prize that we can raffle
  2. Recommending us to anyone locally requiring a disco
  3. Becoming a Friend of Hospital Radio Ipswich

We are also desperately looking for a second hand van that we can use for discos and other outside events.

If you can help, please contact the Treasurer, Bob Medd, at the station.