Christmas Schedule 2018

Hello You,

From all of us at HRI we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. Thank you for listening to us this year.

Recently, we have been busy preparing our Christmas Schedule and below you’ll find the highlights:

Sunday 23rd December 2018
0730 Thought For the Day
1402 The Carol Service from The Ipswich Hospital
1502 One Magical Christmas Part One with Marty Wilde
1802 Stretch with Derick Holman
2002-2300 Lewis Old and guests
Monday 24th December 2018
0730 Thought for the Day
1402 Christmas Etude con G with Gemma G
1502 Mark Eley on Christmas Eve
1702 One Magical Christmas Part Two with Marty Wilde
1902-2200 Moira Burt with an extended request show
Tuesday 25th December 2018
0602 Ward on the Wards with Tim Ward including Thought for the Day at 7.30am
0902 Nick Hulme with his usual Christmas Day programme now on HRI and HRC
1002 Bob Davis with music for Christmas morning
1202 Mark Eley on Christmas Day
1402 Singalong with Gee featuring Gemma G
1502 The Carol Service from The Ipswich Hospital
1602 Carols and Prayers with the Chaplains & Andy Patrick
1702 John Alderton’s Christmas Classics
1802 A Festive 15 with Nigel Taylor
1902 Feeling Groovy Comedy Special
2002 James Bond at Christmas
2102 A Vinyl Christmas with John Alborough
Wednesday 26th December 2018
0730 Thought for the Day
We look forward to sharing with you the highlights of our New Years schedule in due course.
Seasons Greetings!
From The HRI Team


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