The Internet Launch Blog – Sat 9th July

Throughout our launch day we ran a blog with snippits of what was happening…. you can follow the day below:

The Cast (in order of appearance):
Mark Keable, Terry Hunt, Mark Murphy, Tim Ward, Nigel Taylor, Rob Peters, Hugh Pocock, Mark Exton, Kevin Ashford, Chris Thorn, Richard, Katie Dinsdale, Laura Claxton, Wendy Cook, David Hopley, Alex Townsend, Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster & Joseph, Gemma G, Hannah, Staff and Pupils of Britannia Primary School, Tiggy the Tiger, The Hospital ITFC commentary team, Rachel Bowen, Jill Girling, Bob Medd, Jackie Patrick, Zella Johnson, Jonathan Murphy, Keith Clempson, Justin Lewis and Holly, Rod Frost & Amy Vincent (Denim & Leather) and finally Mike Bugg….. Thank you one and all

Saturday 9th July: 22.00
This is your Blogger for Today saying thanks for stopping by and visiting us…. going to leave you with Mike Bugg ….. please bookmark us and comeback soon.
From one very happy but tired blogger (I’ve been here since 5.15am!!) Good night and thank you sleep well

Saturday 9th July: 21.40
Keith Clempson nearly finished but one more song still to come from Roddy and Amy. Mike Bugg is here ready to finish the day off with some easy listening late night music with the first ever Global Night Moods, plump up the pillows and let Mike relax you at the end of this Saturday. If you have a late night piece of music phone NOW *800 from your bedside phone.


Saturday 9th July: 21.30

Rod Frost of Roddy and the Rejects and Amy Vincent playing some great music throughout the evening. Forget music in the rain in the park… it doesn’t get much better than this. Superb cover of Summer of 64.

Keith Clempson, the trousers previously saw use as a deckchair

Saturday 9th July: 19.49
Abseil update….. we have now raised £240.09… thank you to everyone who has donated.
If you have enjoyed our programmes today and would like to make a donation just click HERE»

Saturday 9th July: 18.40

Roddy of the Rejects plays live on the Keith Clempson show this evening at 20.00 (8pm) Keith is already here in rather fetching rainbow coloured trousers!!!

Saturday 9th July: 18.30
Time now for a few credits for the people who don’t get mentioned…. our technical and back stage people for today:
Thanks to Chief Engineer…. Nigel

Plus support from Mark Exton and Richard
Andrew at AJM Web Design
Station Managers for the day: Terry, Chris and Laura
All our ward visitors and anyone else who knows us!

Saturday 9th July: 18.24

One of the funniest moments of today in Jonathan’s programme… him and Rachel talking… they sound like Les Dawson and Roy Baraclough as the two old ladies chatting over the garden fence.


Saturday 9th July: 18.00

We’ve had a fantastic day to day…. we just hope that you’ve had as much fun listening as we have bringing this special day to you…. Thank you so much for listening and we still have 6 more hours of great programming for you.
18.30 Rachel and Pick Me Up Poetry
20.00 Keith Clempson and Live Music from Roddy of the Rejects
22.00 Night Moods with Mike Bugg

Midnight we cease our live programmes, however there will be non-stop music thru the night.

Jonathan Murphy

Saturday 9th July: 17.40
Rachel is on air at 18.30 this evening with her regular Saturday evening programme of music and poetry…. she’s currently deciding on what poems to use… will include, Ode to a Commode…. could it be the big knickers poem???? Tune in at 18.30 to find out.

Saturday 9th July: 17.26
Jonathan Murphy back on HRI at 17.30

Saturday 9th July: 17.10
Interesting Fact: Stephen Foster discovered a record in our library today and it was one he donated to Hospital Radio when he worked here… it still had his name on it!

Saturday 9th July: 17.05
We’ve got Tim Ward (Production Chairman) back at the studio now following his abseil…. after the last minute fears… would you do it again? – ‘Yes definitely… but next time I want to do it even better, it was fantastic!!!’


Saturday 9th July: 17.00

Jonathan Murphy is in the building…. he joined us for the abseil and has been exploring around the HRI studio…. it’s a number of years since he was last here. You may remember Jonathan from Radios Orwell, SGR and more currently on Dream 100. Jonathan will be on air from 17.30… that’s 5.30 in old money.

Tiggy Tiger, Tim Ward (thinking it looks a long way up) and Kevin Ashford

Saturday 9th July: 16.50
The abseil has been done and our intrepid pair have successfully and safely made it to the bottom!!!! Well done guys. Don’t forget you can still donate money via the abseil link.

Wendy, Laura and Zela currently on-air. Call now for a request 01473 704666.

Saturday 9th July: 14.30
Tiggy Tiger and Tim are getting ready and very nervous about their abseil. Please spare a thought for them and consider sponsoring them here>

Saturday 9th July: 14.20
Bob Medd preparing for his show at 2.30pm. The presenter may have changed but the content is the same…. hear the abseil down the maternity block and the football commentary team talk about the next season.

Stephen Foster returns to the HRI studios

Saturday 9th July: 14.00
Fantastic outside broadcast from Britannia School… thank you for making us welcome.
Breaking news unfortunately Mark Murphy is unable to present his show due to a sore throat…. instead we have Bob Medd better known as Roller Robbie from Radio Suffolk.

Saturday 9th July: 12.00

Stephen Foz Foster is Back in the building….remembering his HRI days…. his son, Joseph, is with him and dad has just told him that last time he was here Joseph wasn’t born!!! Welcome back Foz

Standby… Foz is going to play his original audition tape when he joined hospital radio….. something NOT to be missed.



Saturday 9th July: 10.00

Switches pressed… Hospital Radio Ipswich is now live on Channel 1 on Hospedia sets in the hospital and WORLDWIDE on…. just click the button at the top of the page. Kevin Ashford with you live until midday…. playing all your requests with help from Robert Peters.

Tim Ward and Mark Murphy at BBC Radio Suffolk for the switch-on


Saturday 9th July: 09.00
On the air to the patients on Channel 1 & Radio Suffolk special thanks to Mark Murphy and everyone at BBC Radio Suffolk

Saturday 9th July: 06.00
On the air just to the patients on Channel 1 with music from our first 40 years with Mark Keable.

Friday 8th July: 22.00
We’re all ready and raring to go. Request collectors have been out and visited patients this evening but we still have room for more requests. Call anytime on Hospedia phone for Free *800 or BT phone 01473 704666. You can leave us a message at anytime of the day or night.
See you for breakfast….. from 6am on Channel 1

Friday: 17.00

In addition to our normal programmes this evening, presenters are also busy planning their shows for Saturday’s launch. Request collectors will be out on the wards this evening so in addition to Chris (presenter of Friday’s Request Show) look out for Alex, Kevin and Laura who will be collecting for tomorrow’s shows…… Remember as always you can phone us on *800 on a Hospedia phone or 01473 704666 on a BT Phone

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3 Responses to The Internet Launch Blog – Sat 9th July

  1. Justin Lewis says:

    Web streaming sounds fabulous. Well done to all concerned. Have been listening in whilst putting together bedroom furniture. There's been alot of banging around in this household today!
    Am coming up around 8ish tonight with Holly to give Keith some support.
    I'm old enough to remember Jonathan Murphy the first time around!!!!
    Justin – HRI Member

  2. Nick Ward says:

    Congratulations to all at Hospital Radio Ipswich. I have not been for such a long time but hope that one day I will be able to get back and once again visit the wards and get back into what was a great time at HRI. Something I hope to do again real soon.

    • Mark Keable says:

      Hi Nick, Many thanks for your kind comments…. we're always pleased to welcome new, prospective and old members to HRI. If anyone is interested in becoming a member, in the first instance drop us an email via our contact page or download and send in the application form